"Johnny Pecyna is a New Jersey native MMA fighter. Growing up in Keansburg, Johnny began wrestling at a young age. Highly successful as a wrestler, Johnny began his amateur MMA career in 2009, training in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to round out his arsenal. Known for his takedown skills, ground control prowess, creative submissions and heavy hands, Johnny has proven to be a dangerous and determined competitor, and a fan favorite in the amateur MMA community. For more on Johnny, CLICK HERE to read his interview with Aisha Coston of ShockBlastMedia.com.

What is Team Pecyna? As an up-and-coming fighter, Johnny has enjoyed tremendous support from his hometown community and that support has spread to thousands of people across 17 countries. Johnny believes his success in MMA is a product of the love and support of his fans, friends and family; who are collectively referred to as "Team Pecyna". Johnny fights for the team and the people who support him, not for himself. The Team Pecyna community is proud to wear their Team Pecyna gear, represent the team and spread the word. You can be part of Team Pecyna too. Visit and "Like" his Fanpage here and keep it locked on TeamPecyna.com for upcoming fights and events, new videos and pictures, and community programs.


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